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April 2022

The Beginning

An excerpt from the Prequel to The Samantha Sharp Chronicles.

***Spoiler Alert***

It was nearly 8:35 and her orders had clearly stated to be at combat training room C at 8:30. Ally checked her watch for the third time in the past 60 seconds. They were late. 
The room was large and had the same smell as a high school gym, something about the floor mats and weights must produce that sweet vinyl and sweat fragrance. One length of the wall was covered in mirrors so they could watch their form as they trained in martial arts or other hand to hand combat. This was only one of many rooms on The Farm and Ally could hear the activity from next door as someone was slammed into the mats with the full force of their bodyweight; the expected groan followed shortly. Ally smiled to herself, she had never been so happy. She was doing it, actually following her dreams. It was day four of her training and everything still felt fresh and new. Even the anticipation of what was sure to be a painful hour of sparing with her new partner, couldn’t put a damper on her sunny outlook. She was going to be a CIA agent, dammit. She’d gone against the wishes of her parents, the urging of her professors, and all the warnings from her friends who now thought she was completely crazy. But she didn’t need friends and she certainly didn’t need anyone’s approval. She was doing this, and she was going to be the best.
The heavy doors finally swung open, and she turned to size up the person her trainer had chosen as her combat partner for the remainder of her time at The Farm. He was more than Ally had been expecting, a lot more. She’d of course seen him amongst the other new recruits, he was hard not to see, but they hadn’t been introduced yet. He stood over six feet and had a wide upper body he clearly worked on every day. His face was set in the same scowl she’d seen him wearing the past four days. He took himself seriously, didn’t have to throw his weight around because he was obviously the strongest man in most rooms, and he was handsome so most people would forgive his surly nature and off-putting glare. His dark hair was cut short in military style, and he stood so straight it was no secret where he’d been recruited from.

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