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Samantha Sharp is back! Book Three in The Samantha Sharp Chronicles is available Now!

The Samantha Sharp Chronicles:
Book One

Samantha Sharp seemed to be an average 16-year-old girl living with her family in the suburbs of Cincinnati. She never cared about politics, foreign policy, or anything other than herself until a deadly virus was unleashed on the nation.

Now her world is changing rapidly. Her family retreats into seclusion only to discover there is no escaping the aftermath of this war. Now she must find a way to cope with the danger around her as well as the darkness growing within her. Luckily Sam isn’t your average teenager. Quick to anger, quick to wreak havoc, and that pesky murderous voice in her head doesn’t help much either. 

Delightfully oblivious and morally ambiguous, Samantha begins to realize the very traits which were once her greatest obstacles, might just be the key to surviving this new world.

The first installment in the Samantha Sharp Chronicles details Sam’s twisted journey of self-discovery as she walks the line between heroine and vengeful, trigger-happy badass. Full of dry wit and dark humor, she breaks all the rules, makes up some of her own, and refuses to be underestimated. But will she be able to find moral redemption in the end? Is there a way back from what the world and her dark inner voice seem hell bent on turning her into? 


Moral ambiguity? Check. Creepy inner voice? Check. Impulse control? Nope.

Book Two Ebook Cover.jpg
The Samantha Sharp Chronicles:
Book Two

Sam Sharp is back, and she’s gained a few new sidekicks for her next journey. The second installment of this thrilling series finds Sam right where we left her. Post-viral outbreak, in the middle of a hot damn mess, on the hunt for a place in her evolving world.

Her dark inner voice is taking over and she’s struggling for control. Maybe not so much struggling as just enjoying the ride. But can you blame her? When the world is a crumbled hunk of chaos, every war-ravaged town is her playground.

Following the trail of a kidnapped boy, she unwittingly stumbles into one man’s political coup, and for once starts to feel like someone understands her. But her brother’s warnings about her new friend can’t be ignored and drive a rift between the loyal siblings.

Seeking comfort, she turns to her mother’s journal but finds it poses more questions than answers. Sam begins to doubt she ever knew anything about the woman who raised her.

With family bonds being tested, new love interests being explored, and ineffectual gangs of hipsters at every turn this sequel will have you begging for more.

Rifle? Loaded. Loyalty? Wavering. Sanity? Oh look, something shiny!

Book Three.png
The Samantha Sharp Chronicles: Book Three

Sam Sharp is a teenager with a lot going on; a global pandemic, family secrets, and an inner darkness threatening to take over. On the run from a powerful enemy, Sam is plunged into a mission with her mother’s former CIA partner, a man full of secrets who wants to keep it that way. But Sam has questions, and she won’t be letting him off easy. 
Desperate to hold on to her mother’s memories, Sam is forced westward into the Safe Zone; a meaningless title as she will be facing her most deadly challenge yet while risking everything to out the truth. 
Who is responsible for the deadly Avian-X outbreak? Who was Sam’s mother and how is she tied to it all? Will Sam find the strength to live after so much loss? Questions will be answered, we just might not like the truth. 
With nothing to lose, Sam is ready to fight to the death… well, Sam is always ready to fight to the death. But this time, she has a plan. Well, it’s someone else’s plan, but it’s all up to her to get it done right. 

Restless trigger finger? Check. Blood-thirsty inner monster? Check. Self-preservation? Doubtful.

*Recommended for age 16+ due to language and violence. 

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